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Direct Vision Standard

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The Direct Vision Standard and HGV safety permit for HGVs is part of the Mayor of London's Vision Zero plan to eliminate all deaths and serious injuries on London's transport network by 2041. The DVS has been developed in order to address the high number of collisions in London involving HGVs and people walking and cycling.


All HGVs more than 12 tonnes GVW entering or operating in Greater London need to hold a valid safety permit. 


Enforcement: 01.03.2021

Our Kit

Stay compliant with current government guidlines by installing your fleet with our DVS kit

£550.00exc.VAT+ Installation

The Direct Vision Standard ‘Safe System’ includes:

Class V and VI mirrors or cameras that eliminate blind spots around a vehicle

A camera monitoring system including side cameras and an in-cab monitor that increase driver visibility

Near-side proximity sensors with a driver alert that warn drivers of any vulnerable road users on their near-side

A left-turn audible alarm that warns vulnerable road users when a vehicle indicates left

Sideguards to reduce the chance of injury to cyclists and pedestrians

Warning signage to warn road users of the hazards around the vehicle

The Future?

Although you only need one star to obtain a DVS safety permit in 2020, this will rise to three stars in October 2024. As vehicles often operate on a greater than five-year lifecycle, any HGV’s bought in 2020 and beyond will probably need to be rated a minimum of three stars during their lifetime.  It’s much easier all round to install safety equipment into a new vehicle before it joins your fleet.

When the Direct Vision Standard ‘Safe System’ is tightened in 2024, it will consider any safety technology and equipment that was not available in 2020. Zero to two star rated vehicles will need to be fitted with this new ‘Progressive Safe System’ from 2024 onwards in order to obtain a DVS permit.

Our equipment will help your fleet meet the Direct Vision Standard ‘Safe System’ requirements today and the ‘Progressive Safe System’ requirements in 2024 as our technology develops.