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Call Analysis

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Call Analysis

If call performance is critical to your teams’ productivity as well as levels of customer service then call analysis software is a must. It can provide 24/7 monitoring and analysis of your entire company’s communications via a browser. Pre-defined, graphically enhanced reports are presented clearly in a number
of different ways: Lists, Charts and Wallboards.

Why your company needs Call Stats

  • Increases productivity / Reduces costs
  • Improves staff efficiency / Aids staff training
  • Call recording helps solve disputes
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                 Benefit from analytical software                                                     The power of the cloud!

Abandoned call recovery: Identify how many sales enquiries you’re missing every day

Calls by time/day: Discover when your incoming calls peak and ensure your team is sufficiently resourced to cope

Financial statistics: Assign estimated order values to successful inbound & outbound calls, specifying a call strike rate, and you will then see the potential revenue in the queue of calls waiting

Wallboards: With highly customisable tiles

Reporting: Schedule customised reports to be emailed directly to your inbox

Quick and easy set up

Anytime, anywhere access via desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone and the Akixi app

No additional hardware or software required

Automatic upgrades and product enhancements

Simple monthly per-user charge

Scalable and flexible – increase or decrease the service as your business needs change