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Call Recording

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Call Recording

There are significant benefits to be gained by implementing a call recording solution:

  • Comprehensive compliance (FCA, PCI DSS etc)
  • Fact verification and risk mitigation
  • Coaching and training
  • Customer and business insights
  • Quality control and governance

It’s important we get to know your specific needs for this kind of service and spend time understanding the reasons why you need call recording functionality in your company. We’ll then help you specify the right call recording system, showing you how it works and how it will meet your objectives.

Why record your calls?

Employee training

Call recording allows businesses to listen back to the calls made and received by their employees for training and monitoring purposes. This allows them to highlight specific areas where an employee requires more support as well as highlight examples of great performance.

Industry Compliance

MiFID II regulations apply to the financial services industry, specifically mandating recording of client interactions leading to sale/trade. Our new call recording provides a compliant retention period subscription

Key Features

  • Call recording modes: Always On, Always On with Pause/Resume, On Demand and User Initiated Start
  • Call recording portal with permissions-based access to the recordings
  • Dashboard of recordings with advanced search and full call details
  • Full audit logs and reporting
  • Playback in browser
  • Individual and bulk download of calls

Dispute Resolution

Call recording provides an accurate record of conversations held between employees and customers which can be used to settle any disputes raised by customers.

Key Features

  • MiFID II compliant
  • Bolt-on on a per user/month basis
  • Record at user level not number level
  • Record all calls (incl. internal)
  • Full encryption and secure storage
  • Different retention options (3mth, 6mth, 12mth, 3yr, 5yr and 7yr)
  • Auto-deletion at end of retention period