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PSTN Switch Off

In 2027 the last elements of Openreach’s analogue and digital ISDN copper network will be turned off as an all-IP network replaces these legacy services. The impact on telephony and broadband services is far reaching so you need to know how it will impact you.

The project was first announced in November 2017 and has been spreading slowly across the country ever since.

What Services are Affected?

Basically, anything currently using a copper line.  The easiest way to comprehend the extent of this major project is to consider that every single Openreach service utilising copper lines will be affected. The most apparent services are analogue telephone lines (PSTN) and digital lines (ISDN) but it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just about telephone services. Any service that uses this infrastructure will also be impacted.

Lower Costs
Calls are cheaper on VoIP compared to traditional phone lines

Higher Scalability
One of the biggest advantages of VoIP is scalability. Ideal for businesses eyeing expansion.

Hold conference calls and send videos, photos and documents in the middle of the conversation

Make calls from anywhere using any device. If you’re unavailable you can direct your incoming calls to someone else.

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