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Historically, most businesses will have started off with standalone or multiple analogue lines or a small
analogue PABX telephone system.

They were reliable with limited features, which meant they were relatively inexpensive to buy but, due to their fixed configuration, were expensive to upgrade and were modelled upon a rip and replace basis for expansion.

As a result, on site telephony has largely replaced analogue solutions with digital ISDN lines providing improved voice quality.

What you need to know

  • SIP trunks
    SIP trunks are now able to connect to on-site telephone systems providing additional features such as savings expansion options and resilience. On-site telephone systems are scalable with extra features, extensions and capabilities easily added as and when they are required on a pay as you grow basis.
  • Enhance your communications
    The right system ensures that all incoming and outgoing calls reach the right person. It also keeps its cool during busy times, grows with your business and provides technical features that enhance your communications.
  • Increased flexibility
    On-site telephone systems give businesses more flexibility for adds, moves and changes, provide improved voice clarity and a myriad of telephony features including automated attendant, voicemail, call recording and home working.
  • Connected to remote workers
    On-site solutions, can also be connected to mobile devices as an extra extension to accommodate members of staff who work remotely or out of the office.
  • Realiable
    On-site telephone systems are reliable, easy to use, competitively priced and offer future-proofed hybrid options that integrate analogue and IP telephony to ensure that any investment on hardware is protected as it is both forwards and backwards compatible.

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