Improve productivity and reduce costs with real-time vehicle tracking.

Basic requirements or a limited budget often result in prospective customers stating that they just want
a ‘track & trace’ solution, not a problem, we cater for everyone.

This may be all you ever need, but choose the best available, a system with scope to add extra functionality should your circumstances change in the future.

Say 'Hello' to Webfleet Solutions GPS Vehicle Tracking

Webfleet Solutions offer a choice of hardwired tracking unit, a plug n’ play option, and even a PND
(portable navigation device) that tracks your vehicle movements. Choice is everything, allowing for a
flexible, bespoke solution designed for you that you can either purchase, lease, or rent.

The Webfleet software is crammed full of features including:

  • Live Location (10 sec positions)
  • HD Traffic
  • Driver Behaviour
  • Speed by Road Type
  • Geo-Fencing (Areas)
  • Address Management
  • Scheduled or On-Demand Reports
  • Maintenance Facility

Optimise driving behaviour

Webfleet Solutions gives you an actual real-time location of all your vehicles. You see live where everyone is driving. At a glance, you will know which vehicle is located closest to a customer so you can tell them exactly when you’ll arrive.

Another important advantage Webfleet Solutions gives you is the tools to optimise driving behaviour. You’ll save fuel, prolong the life of your vehicles and encourage driver safety.

You can follow the driven route, re-route lost drivers, compare speed, mileage and fuel consumption - and see where savings can be made.

Book a demonstration and find out more

Come and talk to us or we'll come to you. We're happy to provide a demonstration so you can see the vehicle tracking system in action and answer all your questions.

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