Vehicle camera and CCTV solutions to suit your needs

Independent investigation research shows that cars were:

  • Assigned fault in over 81% of commercial truck crashes
  • The encroaching vehicle in 91% of head-on crashes
  • Responsible for 91% of opposite direction side-swipes
  • Responsible for 71% of rear end smashes

Protect yourself and your drivers - Invest in vehicle CCTV

Insurance statistics state that 40% of claims are disputed, yet with vehicle CCTV that reduces to just 2%. Contested claims create extra workload and potential liability, they add stress, frustration and concern for you and your drivers.

Think about the cost implication of excess payments, vehicles off the road, unhappy customers and higher insurance premiums, our solutions provide both peace of mind and a rapid ROI.

Key considerations

  • Forward Facing & Multi-Camera Solutions
  • SD card or Hard Drive memory, WiFi, 3G/4G live connectivity
  • Powerful SmartAnalysis telemetry software
  • Lockable & tamper resistant, Encrypted video
  • Improve Driver & Vehicle Safety
  • Protect against Cash-for-Crash
  • Insurance premium protection/reduction
  • Address FORS and CLOCS requirements

Driver safety and lower premiums

Vehicle cameras cut the risk of insurance fraud to your business. Accidents happen and scams exist (‘cash for crash’) so it pays to protect your drivers and vehicles from unscrupulous road users rather than put your business at risk.

Vehicle cameras and CCTV can prevent your drivers falling victim to this type of fraud. Installing a vehicle camera gives you a front row view of the journey, showing you exactly what happens when your driver is on the road.

No business needs to fall foul of the law when they’re not to blame. Nor do they want to find their fleet managers in a fruitless battle with the insurance company. CCTV and vehicle cameras give you all the evidence you’ll need to stop any fraudulent motor insurance claim in its tracks.