WebFleet Tachograh Manager makes compliance a piece of cake

Prove compliance the easy way with Tachograph Manager analysis, reporting and dashboards, together with the simple convenience of Remote Download. Ensure continuous compliance, and easy scheduling with real time Remaining Driving Times.

WebFleet Tachograph Manager is a complete end-to-end solution that lets you download data remotely and manually, catering for all your fleet. It lets you analyse driver performance data, from driving time to rest periods, and it securely archives all information for easy retrieval.

  • Remote Download of Digital Tachograph data
    Mass storage & driver card remote download without the vehicle needing to be at the depot or manual interaction.
  • Remaining Driving Times
    Always know how much driving time your driver has left, and whether they are compliant with legislation.
  • Insightful Dashboards & Reporting
    With Dashboard, email reports, and TachoGrade driver profiling you are always informed on the fleet compliance.
  • Up-to-date compliance check up
    Analysis tools are permanently kept up-to-date with legislation and include schedules of fines for selected countries.
  • Simplified driver administration
    By providing templates for attestation of activities and driver instruction.
  • One reliable online solution for the whole fleet
    Central archiving of tachograph information according to legal requirements with access from any PC. Archiving of manually downloaded tachograph files supported.