Vodafone Protect & Connect

Vodafone Protect & Connect offers theft tracking on demand with coverage in 44 European countries and comes included with ‘My Connected Car’ web and mobile applications.

Affordable tracking protection for your vehicle

Vodafone Protect & Connect gives you the ability to remotely monitor your vehicle whilst also having the European leader for stolen vehicle tracking services as a backup to recover the vehicle in the unfortunate event of a theft.

Vodafone Protect & Connect uses the latest GPS / GPRS /GSM technology, providing pinpoint accuracy and unparalleled service levels. It is installed covertly into your car so thieves have no idea that a tracking system is present.

Key features

  • Pinpoint GPS tracking with live vehicle location
  • International GSM & GPRS coverage
  • Trip reports and speed alerts
  • App and web included
  • Thatcham included with full 2 year warranty