The right solution to reduce your fleets fuel costs

If you’re going to reduce the costs – both financial and environmental – of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, you need real-time and historical insight.

Spot trends or anomalies with the fuel efficiency dashboard and compare performance over time with fuel and carbon reporting.

Our LINK in-car devices retrieve the information from the vehicle and present it in WebFleet, including
RPM, gear usage, and engine trouble codes. Whether you have passenger cars, LCV’s or HGV’s, we have a
reliable solution for you.

WEBFLEET reporting can help you drive down the cost of fuel

WEBFLEET´s reports help you stay on top of everything from fuel efficiency to legal compliance, and helps you focus on delivering a top quality service.

Useful reporting features such as Fuel consumption reports help you monitor the fuel consumption of your fleet's vehicles and easily see exceptional events.

  • Visual graphs showing individual fuel consumption and the fleet's average over time.
  • Highlights fuel consumption when it exceeds a definable maximum threshold.
  • Fuel consumption is shown per trip in total and per 100 km.
  • Fuel consumption is measured against the reference value in l/100km and in percent.

Integrated maintenance reporting

Be alerted when your vehicles are due further maintenance work.

  • Visual chart comparing the number of overdue, due and completed maintenance tasks over the selected period.
  • Maintenance task summaries for all vehicles and for individual vehicles.
  • Overview per vehicle showing the time or mileage to/after due date, the scheduled date, the name of the maintenance task, when the task was carried out last, and the current state of progress on that task.

Talk to us about reducing your fleets fuel costs

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