Drive increased fleet performance with Connected Navigation

Now that your vehicle is tracked you know where it is, but more importantly do you know where it’s going
and what time it will get there?

Designed for professional use, the Webfleet PRO series of driver terminals are smarter and faster than ever, getting drivers to destinations quicker, safer and more efficiently. 

Combined with WEBFLEET, stay connected with your drivers and provide the tools drivers need to get from A to B and beyond in the quickest, safest and most efficient way for their vehicle type.

A ‘connected’ PRO unit is no ordinary satnav...

  • Webfleet Traffic & IQ Routes
  • Interactive lifetime 3D maps with QuickGPSfix
  • Advance Lane Guidance and Active Driver Feedback
  • Job Dispatch & Allocation
  • 2-Way Comms (text-to-speech)
  • Driver ID & Working Time
  • Barcode Scanning and Digital Signature
  • Integrate bespoke business applications
  • Fully customisable with platform control

Traffic avoidance

Drivers can rely on Webfleet Traffic* that is so accurate that drivers can be alerted to traffic jams, which prevent sudden braking. Or avoid traffic completely thanks to Webfleet’s trillions of data points collected from hundreds of millions of connected devices to accurately predict and help avoid traffic.

Less time on the road

Your workforce can spend less time on the road, and more time with customers and provide realistic ETAs. Your drivers will be able to impress customers with their reliability while wasting less time and fuel on each journey. And their increased productivity will have a direct impact on your revenue.

Fastest Routes

Webfleet's navigation technology is equipped with a database of real driving times to calculate the fastest route, whenever and wherever you go. Besides the actual traffic, it factors in the traffic lights, roundabouts and other road obstacles.

Talk to us

Come and visit our demonstration suite in Runcorn to see Webfleet PRO in action. Or ask us to come and visit you. To find out more, please phone 01928 715724 to book a free independent no obligation review.