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Fleet Management & Vehicle CCTV Solutions For Your Business

Providing pre-sales advice, training, customer service and technical support, G-Force Communications are proud to be a certified sales partner for Webfleet Solutions, a relationship which started back in 2009.

Incorporating Track & TraceConnected NavigationFuel MonitoringTachograph ServicesVehicle CCTV, Mobile Apps and third party integrations, Webfleet Solutions is a fleet management solution you can not afford to ignore.

If you need your fleet to perform better, talk to us about Webfleet today.

Improving the performance of your fleet

By identifying the appropriate hardware combination and key features necessary to match your requirements, we maximise the numerous benefits of Webfleet Solutions to provide a rapid ROI:

  • Improve efficiency,  productivity and customer service
  • Reduce fuel, maintenance and administration costs
  • Comply with legislation

Working with you every step of the way

Fleet managers, finance directors and business owners get a complete analysis of their cars, vans, trucks and buses, showing them where to save time and money. 

A dedicated account manager will set up the service meaning you can manage your fleet and drivers on the go. You will be able to:

  • Allocate jobs and delivery instructions to the nearest available driver.
  • Track the location of every driver using a digital map.
  • Monitor the driver’s route and get notified when the delivery is complete.
  • Fast-track the quickest and safest route from one customer to the next.
  • Travel 16% fewer miles and gain 18% productivity. 
  • Monitor the performance of your drivers to reduce fuel and maintenance costs. 

Would this make life easier for you?

If you need your fleet to perform better, talk to us about Webfleet Solutions today.Fleet Management & Vehicle CCTV Solutions Brochure


Vehicle Tracking

Know what's happening on the road, improve productivity and reduce the costs of running your commercial vehicles with Webfleet Solutions.

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Connected Navigation

Now that your vehicle is tracked you know where it is, but more importantly do you know where it’s going and what time it will get there?

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Fuel Monitoring

If you’re going to reduce the costs – both financial and environmental – of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, you need real-time and historical insight.

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Tachograph Services

WebFleet Tachograph Manager is a complete end-to-end solution that lets you download data remotely and manually, catering for all your fleet.

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Whether you want to integrate Webfleet fleet management with your office, in-vehicle or mobile applications we’ve got it covered with our three powerful APIs to help boost your business.

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Vehicle Cameras and CCTV

Driver safety and lower premiums, vehicle cameras cut the risk of insurance fraud to your business.

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Stolen Vehicle Tracking

Basic requirements or a limited budget often result in prospective customers stating that they just want a ‘track & trace’ solution, not a problem, we cater for everyone. 

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