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SmartWitness | Vehicle CCTV and Safety SystemsSmartWitness is your eye on the road, providing vehicle camera and CCTV solutions that encourage safer driving, reduce accidents, detect insurance fraud and deliver long term reductions for your fleet’s insurance premiums.

Why Choose SmartWitness?

SmartWitness can help with one the major issues facing drivers all over the world – insurance fraud. Staged accidents can cost your company thousands in payouts and because of the nature of these accidents, witnesses acting in your defence can be quite hard to come by.

That’s where SmartWitness comes in. Their vehicle CCTV cameras provide high resolution 170 degree colour footage from a camera mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard. Not only does it give a full and honest account of the accident, it can provide you with valuable evidence in the battle between fleet managers and the insurance scammers.

Over 1 million vehicles have a SmartWitness system installed, making them the world leader in vehicle cameras. Not only do they provide great vehicle camera solutions, they also provide advice and support to ensure that you get the service you require. They work with motorists, haulage firms and motor fleet operators, and provide them with a vital enhancement to their risk management strategies.

Not only is the Smart Witness range completely unobtrusive it has an incredibly low failure rate of just 0.002%. SmartWitness products are designed and manufactured to the highest standard, ensuring that they never let you down when you need them most. They also come highly recommended by several major insurers.

SmartWitness | Vehicle CCTV & Safety Systems

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The Benefits

  • Protect against insurance scams
  • Improve your fuel economy
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicle
  • Reward safe driving
  • Provide detailed driver reporting

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