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EyescanYour eyes on the road

Protect your company, your drivers and your premiums with our in-cab cameras.

EyeScan Cameras are a premium quality video and audio recorder specially designed for automotive applications. The one-piece design is suitable for all vehicles and is mounted in the wiped area of the front windscreen.

Footage is stored in the system using a SD card (4GB to 32GB), giving ease of playback for customers including GPS information on the date, time and exact location of the vehicle. This technology incorporates the 3 axis G-Sensor which detects an impact or incident triggering a locked recorded event.

Eyescan 200

This in-vehicle recorder consists of a single forward facing camera coupled with audio recording capability. You mount the system in the ‘wipe’ area on the front windscreen – thereby giving an unimpeded view of the road ahead.

Eyescan 400

Similar in specification to the Eyescan 200 – but this model has the advantage of a rear facing camera to record the driver. This function can be used simultaneously with the forward facing camera.


Features of both models:-

  • Tamper proof
  • Manual incident record button
  • Internal GPS for mapping during playback
  • Continuous loop recording
  • Adjustable settings for image quality
  • Adjustable 3 axis G-sensor
  • Adjustable trigger setting for G-sensor
  • Camera recorded angles – 149°
  • Digital input for hardware event logging.