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Paragon is a global leader in routing and scheduling optimisation, resource management, transport execution, logistics modelling, and home delivery solutions.

Our highly flexible and configurable software is used across a wide variety of industry sectors, cutting transport costs and improving operational efficiency by up to 20% or more.

The Paragon Solution

Paragon has over 30 years’ experience implementing more than 2,900 systems at over 750 client sites in 48 countries, ranging from small distributors to leading logistics companies, large retailers and international operators. Our versatile software is the UK’s most widely used routing and scheduling optimisation system relied upon by hundreds of companies every day to plan their transport operations – reducing transport cost by up to 20% or more, enhancing customer service, cutting carbon emissions and supporting business growth.

Paragon’s highly flexible and configurable software solutions provide transport optimisation and execution capabilities across a wide range of industry sectors. The software is used for planning, optimising and managing transport schedules on a daily basis; rationalising fixed routes; managing transport resources; planning and modelling at strategic level in own-fleet operations and 3PL business development; managing home delivery orders with continuous routing and scheduling optimisation; and managing the execution of the transport plan in real time using Paragon’s Fleet Controller module with live vehicle tracking technology.


Paragon Fleet Controller is fully integrated with TomTom WEBFLEET.connect allowing jobs to be sent directly to the TomTom PRO in the vehicle, and the vehicle route plan to be monitored in real time using the GPS data direct from the TomTom device.

Using Paragon’s advanced routing & scheduling intelligence integrated with TomTom’s fleet management solution gives transport managers visibility of how the day’s plan is progressing in real time, alerting them to late or early running and its impact on the schedules. This visibility enables companies to respond efficiently to problems or delays that arise, significantly improve their customer service achievement, ensure delivery schedules remain legal and achievable, maintain efficiency levels as the picture changes during execution and unearth hidden inefficiencies for continuous performance improvement.
Paragon Fleet Controller-850

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