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Magenta Technology

Magenta Technology

Magenta Technology is the leading provider of dynamic real time scheduling solutions for flagship players of the transportation industry.

This enables them to do more business with the same resources at a lower operational cost.

Magenta’s Maxoptra Solution

Your TomTom fleet management solution has enabled you to streamline order management processes, save money and increase productivity. By adding Magenta’s Maxoptra on-line scheduling and optimisation solution to your TomTom system from the TomTom App Centre, even greater savings and efficiencies can be made.

Magenta’s Maxoptra is an on-line scheduling solution designed to automatically assign the best vehicle and driver for each delivery – whatever your fleet size. It instantly selects the most cost effective sequence to carry out the work while ensuring that you meet complex customer requirements and maintain your customer promises. Seamlessly integrated with TomTom it quickly allocates and dispatches jobs and enables progress against the plan to be reported both historically and in real time.

Maxoptra allows users to get more work done with the same (or less) vehicles at a lower operating cost by enabling users to make better decisions faster. High level benefits include:

  • Reduce transportation operating costs by 10 – 15%
  • Reduced mileage and Co2
  • Less time spent planning
  • Reduce over-dependence on key planning personnel
  • Work plan optimised on cost savings
  • Improved customer service with real time TomTom integration
  • Service level reporting on meeting customer time windows
  • Reduce road risk
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