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Office 365

Spend less time on office resources. Use it to grow your business!

Get a service that allows you to effortlessly…

  • Get the latest software & updates without worrying about licenses.
  • Equip your office with business grade email.
  • Share large documents and collaborate easily with colleagues and customers.
  • Work flexibly and efficiently from wherever you are.

How will this help your business?

Latest software and updates

  • Get the full suite of the latest Microsoft Office applications such as Word & Excel.
  • Automatic updates of the software always means you’re running the latest versions. Futureproof.
  • No upfront fee for hardware and software. Pay monthly and forget the usual licensing headaches.

Business Grade Email

  • Access your mail box anywhere where you have internet access.
  • Huge mailboxes so you don’t have to worry about managing server space.
  • Easy integration with your favourite email clients such as Outlook.
  • Even set up your email addresses to use your business’ name in your domain.

Calendars and Contacts

  • Keep your calendars and contacts synced between all your devices by storing them in Office 365.
  • Backed up to the cloud so you never need lose scheduled meetings or prospects again.

Document Sharing

  • Share large documents and collaborate securely, efficiently and quickly with your team.
  • Take advantage of the enormous amount of space provided to store your files away from your devices.

Built in Security Features

  • Office 365 accounts come with built in protection against malware, spam and other threats.
  • Rest assured that your files, emails and contacts are stored safely in the cloud.

Don’t be tied to the office. Take it with you.

Office 365 runs in The Cloud

  • You get a huge amount of storage to store your emails and files.
  • You can access your files, emails etc from any internet enabled device such as a phone, tablet or PC.
  • You don’t have to worry about managing a server. You can rest assured your account is stored on a secure optimised server.

Get the O2 advantage

  • We provide our Office 365 service through our partner O2.
  • You’ll get mobile data on your internet enabled devices to access Office 365 wherever you are.
  • Get free Wi-Fi while you’re out and about by connecting to O2 Wi-Fi.

HD video conferencing & instant messaging

  • You can effectively be in 2 places at once by conferencing with colleagues and customers.
  • Use your data connection from O2 to connect with colleagues and customers in HD video conversations.
  • Use instant messaging while out of the office to send and receive important information.

Moving to Office 365… All gain, no pain!

Seamless migration from Pro-Networks

  • Our partners at Pro-Networks will move you across to Office 365 with no fuss.
  • Their Microsoft certified experts will get you all set up so all you have to worry about is enjoying the advantages of Office 365.

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