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Mobile Data: Office On The Move

It’s never been easier to get email, attachment viewing, web browsing and instant messaging on the go!

In today’s increasingly hectic business environment it is proving essential for you and your workers to stay connected. There are a number of solutions that enable working effectively from the office, on the road, or at home in order to deliver the high levels of service your customers expect, respond quickly to reports, requests or news bulletins, and generally to remain at the very least in line with your competitors.

Laptop Connectivity - What are the options?

I spend a lot of my day away from the office and I need to access my email and my company’s database on a regular basis from my laptop. At present I can only do this when I get home or arrive back at my hotel to log onto my company.

What are the options?

LAN Data services let you access the Internet and Internet-based email. You can also use our network to access your work emails and company information (held on your existing Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Compact, Handheld Devices - What are the options?

I am frequently on the move and in meetings with customers and suppliers. I need realtime access to email. I need a highly portable compact device that is versatile, looks good and is more cost-effective than investing in laptops.

What are the options?

This handheld solution features everything needed to stay in contact, allowing you to send, receive and file messages – just as you would in Microsoft® Outlook®, Lotus® Notes® and Novell GroupWise. BlackBerry is easy to integrate with existing email environments and is a highly secure solution. BlackBerry Internet Service also enables you to easily connect to Internet-based email accounts.