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Mobile Phone Accessories

We are able to supply a full range of accessories to suit most makes and models of mobile phone handset, anything from In-Car & Mains Chargers, Data Cables & Leather Carry Cases to Memory Cards and replacement Batteries.

We also supply a full range of Hands Free Equipment, including Bluetooth Earpieces, Visorcomms, and Fully Fitted Bluetooth Car kits.

Handsfree equipment for mobile phones

Don’t Lose Your Driving Licence

New penalties introduced by the Government mean that you could receive an on-the-spot fine of £100 and three instantly endorsable penalty points if you ignore the driving legislation and use a hand-held mobile phone behind the wheel.

You CAN still use your mobile phone while driving IF you use the right equipment

What hands-free options can I buy?

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth is a wireless technology found in many mobile phones. Like corded headsets, Bluetooth allows you to have a conversation hands-free, but also without the wires! We provide a range of universal makes & models from as little as £15 + vat.

Bluetooth Speaker Phones/Car Kits

Drivers who want to avoid the expense of a fitted in-car kit or want the flexibility to use their device out of the car can now choose to buy a Bluetooth speaker phone. It requires no installation and comes with a complete package of accessories for true mobility and convenience. Visor clips and suction mounts are included for use in the car, and several power and charging options are available. A cheap & cheerful alternative to a fully fitted car-kit, units available from as little as £25 + vat – NOT recommended for use in Commercial Vehicles.

Built-in Car Kits

People who spend a lot of time in their cars often opt for a built-in car-kit as they allow you to make and receive calls while driving via a loudspeaker/microphone system within the car. All our car-kits are professionally installed at your premises or on-site and come complete with stereo mute loom if required. Prices start from as little as £149 + vat.