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Handheld Devices

Office on the move: Compact (Handheld) Devices

Having the freedom to manage work from wherever you are is crucial when it comes to business. And keeping in touch with customers and colleagues at all times is invaluable.

Your mobile phone can do so much more than make calls: you can use it to link back to your office emails, or access to your Yahoo, or other POP3 accounts. So no matter where you are – at work, at home or on the road – you’re always in touch. And using your mobile phone for email means you don’t have to carry any extra equipment too.

  • Receive / send emails
  • Edit & synchronise Calendar & Contacts
  • Access the Internet Maps
  • GPS and various other applications
  • Send and receive emails with MS Outlook Mobile
  • Edit & synchronise Calendar & Contacts
  • Mobile versions of MS Windows Office applications
  • Browse the internet Maps
  • GPS and other applications
  • Wide variety of iPhone applications
  • Push email, calendar and contacts with Microsoft Exchange
  • Attachment support for Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and image files
  • Web browsing with Safari