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Vehicle Checks

Electronic Vehicle Checks Could help you Avoid Prosecution

Does your fleet rely on drivers producing paper-based inspections? If so then incorporating AllOnMobile into your vehicle checking procedure, could make your life, and the lives of your drivers, a lot easier.

Perform vehicle checks on your iOS device

Perform vehicle checks on your Android device

Paper based vehicle checks take time to fill out and process, and there have been a number of cases where a failure to audit vehicles effectively had disastrous consequences for the company.

AllOnMobile could have prevented this. Each driver can use either a smartphone or a tablet to help them complete electronic vehicle checks, including photos, videos and signatures. These are then automatically sent to a vehicle manager, without any delay meaning that you have a real-time picture of your entire fleet.  If you see any problems, you can fix them before you are punished with a fine, driver suspension or by having your vehicles impounded.

AllOnMobile can help fleet managers:

  • Reduce the risk of running unsafe vehicles
  • Improve the company’s vehicle checking procedure
  • Improve the relationship between drivers and the company
  • Comply with Government regulations
  • Avoid large fines
  • Avoid potential legal action

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