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Vehicle TrackingTomTom Fleet Management Solutions

TomTom’s vehicle tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to adapt quickly to new developments and make smart, informed decisions. Our vehicle tracking system tells you which employee is closest to any new assignment as well as giving you instant access to important vehicle information and driving behaviour information such as speed, mileage and fuel consumption. Vehicle tracking saves you money and makes your business more efficient.

Vehicle tracking

WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking provides real-time data on the movements of your vehicles and staff. This can help with proof of delivery and allows you to monitor working-time guidelines compliance. Our vehicle tracking system accurately records hours worked or hours spent behind the wheel and remembers where each vehicle has been for up to 90 days in the past. You can follow the driven route, compare speed, mileage and fuel consumption and see where savings can be made.

Vehicle tracing

Our vehicle tracking logs record every movement of every vehicle in your fleet. At any time you can view the “Snail trail” of where a vehicle has been in the past 90 days and analyse driving style. This feature of the vehicle tracking system provides an instant overview of vehicle movements, highlighting anomalies and exposing patterns in your business.

Green driving

Running a greener fleet means saving money. WORKsmart™-Track vehicle tracking provides immediate information on driving style, speed, idle times and CO2 emissions. This means you can act to improve driver safety, save fuel, limit risks and reduce pollution.

Detailed reports

TomTom WEBFLEET allows you to generate precise, reliable reports based on lots of separate parameters which are logged by the vehicle tracking system. These include, but are not limited to driving times, trip reports and private mileage. With our flexible data formats, you can view a list of travel times in a PDF or merge a CSV file with time sheet data compatible with your salary administration package to save administrative time and money.


At the heart of the WORKsmart™-Track solution is TomTom WEBFLEET®, our web based service that gives operations and business management the right information for better business decisions. You can choose to install the TomTom LINK 300/510 into your vehicle or equip your vehicle with the PRO 9150. So what works best for you? We’ll be happy to advise!