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TomTom Telematics PRO 8270

Tailor your driver’s device for your business

  • 7″ screen and ruggedized driver terminal
  • Fully customisable with platform control
  • Easy serviceability with remote device management via WiFi
  • Lifetime TomTom Traffic and Speed Cameras*
  • Connects to WEBFLEET® via TomTom LINK

TomTom Telematics PRO 8275

The TomTom PRO 8270 helps your business to move more efficiently. Combine the latest navigation and fleet management technology with the open platform of the device. So you can seamlessly connect your existing business applications with WEBFLEET®, customise a range of settings or create bespoke applications that perform exactly as your business needs them to.

An adaptive business device:


The only device that adjusts itself to your business.


Modify the WEBFLEET® workflow to suit your needs.


Develop bespoke business applications for use on your device.

Prove – and improve – service quality:


Guarantee service levels by standardising how your people work in the field.


Meet legal and customer expectations by enforcing more compliant work processes.

Drive efficiency

Digitise your workflow in the field and have it send to your office instantly.

Open platform for customisable business applications

The PRO.connect SDK enables you to customise the WEBFLEET® workflow:

The PRO.connect SDK provides everything you need to develop bespoke business applications, including:

Add steps to your WEBFLEET® workflow.


Digitise every step of your workflow.

Question path

For vehicle checks, driver reporting and more.

Digital signature

Obtain digital signatures to prove delivery.

Driver ID

Monitor working hours and movements.

Use case

TomTom PRO 8270 is ideal for the Service & Maintenance sector, Delivery or Utility industries. Using the open platform of the device you can capture and integrate data from the field: Capture data on your checklist, such as load, materials, jobs completed and driver movements. Record information to prove your legal compliance, make your mobile workforce more accountable and provide full service transparency to customers.

Best-in-class navigation technology

TomTom PRO 8275

TomTom Traffic

Always know the fastest way to your customers.

Interactive Map

Put the world at your drivers’ fingertips.

Lifetime Maps

Ensures your fleet always drives with the latest map.

3D Maps

Your drivers will always know exactly where they are.

Access restrictions

For dimension, weight and hazardous materials.

IQ Routes

The fastest routes and most accurate ETAs.


Your drivers can start navigating in seconds.

Advanced Lane Guidance

Extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions.


Add bespoke business apps on the PRO 8270 or customise WEBFLEET workflow with PRO.connect, our open API.

 Connected to WEBFLEET® online fleet management via TomTom Link enables:


TomTom PRO 8275 WEBFLEET online fleet management

Active Driver Feedback

Real-time alerts promote safe and efficient driving.

Order management

Manage orders on your device.


Two-way text communication between drivers and the office.


Always know where your vehicles are.


Keep accurate and reliable mileage records.

Working time

Record working hours with your fingertip.


Enrich existing office systems with real-time data from your mobile devices out in the field, such as barcode readers, digital pens and more.

Download the PRO Series PDF for more info

Technical Specification

Screen size7” (17,7 cm) touchscreen
Screen type16:9 Capacitive widescreen
Screen resolution1024 x 600 pixels
Internal memory16 GB internal flash memory
Processor1.2 GHz
SD slotYes, microSD
Device Size198 (W) x 123 (H) x 25 (D) mm
Device Weight480 grams
Battery LifeUp to 3 hours autonomous operation
Operating temperature-20°C to +60°C
ConnectivityConnection to WEBFLEET via TomTom LINK only, Bluetooth 2.1 and 4.0, WiFi
Map CoverageAll EU countries EU 45