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TomTom ecoPLUS™

Are you looking for a smart way to save fuel?

Are you trying to save fuel? It doesn’t have to be hard. With TomTom ecoPLUS™ fuel saving and making your fleet greener is simple.

Reduce fuel consumption

With ecoPLUS™ you get real-time view of the fuel efficiency of every vehicle in your fleet, also showing where and when the fuel was wasted.

Cut idling time

Fuel costs represent a major part of your expenses, did you know that a significant amount of fuel is consumed when a vehicle is idling? ecoPLUS™ helps you cut idling time.

Manage your carbon footprint.

As environmental regulations tighten, the race is on for companies to prove their Corporate Social Responsibility by lowering their CO2 emissions. ecoPLUS™ helps you achieve that, this isn’t just good for the environment it can also benefit your bottom line.

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