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Management ReportingTomTom Fleet Management Solutions

While the workforce travels, our WORKsmart™ fleet management solution gives you the real-time information you need to retain control, so you can manage costs, improve services and raise productivity.

Visual overview

It’s easier to measure performance when you can see it. That’s why we our fleet management solution has a Dashboard that provides all the information you need to make profitable business decisions. It gives you a visual representation of key performance indicators affecting service levels, productivity and costs. You can set benchmarks for each one and see how individuals or groups perform against them.

Extensive reporting

With our web-based fleet management application you can create different types of report at the touch of a button. You can generate reports daily, monthly, or whenever you need them, even scheduled reports can be set up. Choose from trip reports, mileage reports, working hours reports and more. In each case you can select whether you would like to download or receive the report as a PDF file, for immediate viewing, or as a CSV file for further processing.

Data integration

Enhance your business processes by integrating the performance data gathered using WORKsmart™ fleet management with the applications you use for different tasks. Use the working hours data in your payroll and accounting programmes, for example. Or use business mileage data to generate activity-based invoices for customers, showing the time that was spent on each job. This integration happens ‘out of the box’ with many applications, which you can view HERE.


At the heart of each WORKsmart™-Insight solution is TomTom WEBFLEET, a web-based application that puts business-critical intelligence at your fingertips. The WEBFLEET service is available by subscription and can be accessed using any internet browser. So there are no IT costs to worry about – just plenty of savings to look forward to. You can read more about the features of TomTom WEBFLEET on the dedicated product page.