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Driver SafetyTomTom Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet management from TomTom enables you to promote a safer driving style across the fleet, with direct support for drivers in their vehicles, and sophisticated tools for driving-style management in TomTom WEBFLEET®.

Fleet management helps drivers relax

WORKsmart™-Safety helps drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel. Innovative TomTom PRO navigation devices feature advanced lane guidance to help with navigating tricky junctions, text-to-speech software for spoken job instructions and messages, and voice recognition for inputting addresses. So your drivers will have fewer distractions, and lower stress levels too.

Promote safer driving

With WORKsmart™ fleet management, drivers get real-time reminders to encourage safer driving. Whenever there’s a notifiable driving event, such as harsh steering, sudden braking or speeding, Active Driver Feedback flashes an alert on the TomTom PRO screen. Back in the office, the OptiDrive function in WEBFLEET represents the driving events with green, yellow or red icons, depending on the severity. So you can decide in seconds if intervention is required.

Manage driving time

As a responsible business, you need to ensure your drivers are not exceeding the legal safe limits for time behind the wheel. TomTom fleet management gives you instant access to the working hours of any of your drivers, in any kind of vehicle. When it comes to truck drivers, it’s especially important that every minute is accounted for. WORKsmart™-Safety transmits the truck’s tachograph data directly to WEBFLEET in real time. So you’ll always know who’s approaching the limit, and who has time to spare.

Improve maintenance scheduling

Well maintained vehicles are safer vehicles. With WORKsmart™-Safety, live odometer data from your fleet vehicles is imported into your maintenance scheduling programmes, so you can determine the service requirements of each vehicle with precision.


WORKsmart™-Safety helps you to keep your drivers safe when they’re out of sight. There are many ways to create your own WORKsmart™-Safety solution. We will be happy to advise you on a tailored solution for your particular business and fleet size.