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TomTom Telematics

Fleet Management and Fleet Communications

Improve the efficiency of your fleet and your mobile workforce with TomTom’s fleet commincations solution. Whether you have a fleet of 5 or 5,000 vehicles, with the WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions you will always know where your vehicles are.

Optimise your processes, instantly update orders and send jobs directly to staff on the road, while viewing real time reports on working hours and driving time. Smart navigation and traffic information help your staff spend more time with your clients and less time on the road.

Why TomTom Fleet Communications?

Easy-to-read reports make it simple to find out where costs are high and productivity can be improved. Choosing TomTom fleet communications solution is choosing fast return on your investment.

Over 16,500 other companies have already chosen TomTom fleet management and have earned their investment back within 6-9 months. Quite simply: WORKsmart™ fleet management solutions pay for themselves.

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professional navigation

Professional Navigation

Efficient fleet management starts with professional navigation. TomTom devices are the perfect choice for professional navigation, helping drivers to travel…
traffic avoidance

Traffic Avoidance

At TomTom we have made traffic information an important feature of our fleet management solution. Why? Because being stuck in…
Tom Tom verhicle tracking

Vehicle Tracking

TomTom’s vehicle tracking solutions deliver the real-time location of every vehicle in your fleet. This allows you to adapt quickly…
Job dispatch management

Job Dispatch

Impress customers with your reliable and efficient operation using the smart order dispatch processes and practices of our fleet management…
time management

Time Management

Take control of your mobile workforce in the field using WORKsmart™ fleet management to record the working hours and driving…

Driver Safety

Fleet management from TomTom enables you to promote a safer driving style across the fleet, with direct support for drivers…

Environmental Responsibility

There are many good reasons to adopt a green driving style. With WORKsmart™ fleet management, you can reduce your company’s…
Management Reporting

Management Reporting

While the workforce travels, our WORKsmart™ fleet management solution gives you the real-time information you need to retain control, so…


WORKsmart™ Connect integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and software to give you all the benefits of a totally connected…