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Cobra GPS Vehicle Tracking


Every year, thousands of cars are stolen by thieves with very few of them actually being recovered by their owners. This can be a big problem for businesses that rely on vehicles to either deliver services to their customers or help staff to get around.

Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. CobraTrak GPS vehicle tracking systems use the latest technology to ensure that your car can be recovered quickly, if it’s stolen. CobraTrak can provide you the exact location of your vehicle, and can inform police of where it can be found. It allows communication between police departments across 36 European countries and has been introduced in South Africa.

For further details of Cobra’s vehicle tracking solutions, contact G-Force today.

CobraTrak Plus

The CobraTrak Plus offers the following features:

  • Tow-away alert – activated when movement is detected with ignition turned off
  • Tamper alert – triggered when battery is disconnected or tampered with
  • GSM jamming alert – activated when criminals attempt to disrupt GSM signal
  • Pinpoint GPS tracking accurate up to 10m
  • International GSM coverage
  • European coverage across 36 countries, including Russia and South Africa
  • Police liaison with European police
  • Thatcham ‘CAT6’ accredited
  • Sold Secure approved
  • Recognised by major insurers
  • Automatic health check
  • Internal battery back-up

CobraTrak Plus Web

The CobraTrak Plus Web includes all the features of the CobraTrak Plus, with the following added on:

  • Real time vehicle location through a simple web application
  • Geofence facility allowing alerts to be set with regards to vehicle movement
  • A self-set Transport Mode when travelling by ferry
  • A Garage Mode when the vehicle is being serviced

CobraTrak 5

CobraTrak 5 combines all the benefits of the CobraTrak Plus system with the following features:

  • Automatic Driver Recognition (ADR)
  • Remote Engine Immobilisation
  • The highest level of insurance accreditation available
  • GPS and GSM jamming detection

CobraTrak 5 Web

For an additional fixed fee you can get the CobraTrak 5 including web-based technology:

  • Real time vehicle location
  • Geofence facility allowing you to set alerts on vehicle movement
  • A self-set Transport Mode when travelling on ferries
  • Garage Mode for when the vehicle is being serviced


Case Studies

Stolen Audi A4 2.0TDI S Line

On 27th January an Audi Dealership contacted Cobra UK to advise that one of their demonstrators fitted with CobraTrak had disappeared from their site.

Sale of the £24,000 vehicle had been agreed and handover to the customer was due to take place at 5pm the same day.

Cobra immediately requested a position from the vehicle and GPS co-ordinates showed it to be in Germany. On receiving this information, the Audi Dealership immediately contacted their local Police force to report the vehicle stolen.

17:57 Vehicle reported stolen and crime reference number provided.

17:59 Vehicle locates in Germany. The theft is passed to Cobra’s Secure Operating Centre in Germany to undertake local language Police liaison with German police to agreed procedures.

18:00 German SOC now liaise with local Police, providing GPS co-ordinates and ignition status

18:40 German Police, maintaining a live phone line to Cobra, stop a transporter vehicle carrying the stolen vehicle. The driver does not speak German or English cannot provide documents to support ownership of vehicle. The vehicle is secured by German police pending arrival of documents from the UK.

18:45 UK Police provide German Police with evidence that the car is owned by the UK Audi dealership.

18:49 The driver of transporter, thought to be Polish, is arrested and the vehicle is taken to the Police Compound pending recovery to the UK.

The vehicle was recovered undamaged within 43 minutes of being confirmed stolen. It had travelled 571 miles from the Dealership, and this would have taken approximately 10 hours.

Speedy action by Cobra UK Customer Service and Cobra’s Secure Operating Centre in Germany had a happy ending. The customer due to pick up the car that day still wished to proceed with his purchase and is looking forward to collecting it from his local Audi Dealer.

This was the first stolen vehicle that this particular Dealership had suffered since installing CobraTrak as standard to all demonstrators. Dealer Management were delighted with the service received and the speed and professionalism of all parties involved.

Audi R8 Spyder stolen in Paris


  • Audi supercar recovered 1,856 miles away undamaged in Athens car park
  • Arrest made within two hours of Greek Police being informed
  • CobraTrak protects drivers from cross border thefts of high value cars across 36 European countries

The recent recovery, in Athens, of a £112,000 Audi R8 Supercar stolen in Paris thanks to an Audi CobraTrak vehicle tracking system fitted to the vehicle, underlines the increasing prevalence of organised cross border trafficking of high value vehicles.

Thieves stole the Audi R8 Spyder’s keys from the owner’s handbag and in a short period of time had driven it 1,856 miles from Paris to Athens, from where it would likely have been shipped to the Middle East for onward sale.

Fortunately for the driver and the UK leasing company who owned the car, it was fitted with the Audi CobraTrak GPS vehicle tracking system, which covers 36 European countries, plus Russia and South Africa.

After receiving the driver’s report of the car being stolen, the leasing company contacted the French police who were able to act once they had received the vehicle’s information and status from Cobra’s accredited Secure Operating Centre.

Cobra handed the incident over to its Greek Secure Operating Centre (SOC). Within less than two hours local police located the undamaged car in a multi storey car park, an arrest was made, and the vehicle was secured and moved to a police compound.

Cobra is unique in operating its own network of SOCs across 36 countries all working to agreed and well established procedures with local police, and providing seamless customer service even when a stolen car crosses multiple borders.

“A record 50% of stolen cars are never recovered, as a growing number are quickly moved across borders and then sold using falsified documentation,” explained Andrew Smith, Cobra UK’s Managing Director.

“With high value cars stolen to order by professional crime rings, and long lead times on prestige vehicles built to order, investing a comparatively small amount in a tracking product such as CobraTrak can reap dividends in minimising the stress and hassle of having to replace a stolen vehicle,” he added.