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Driving With and Without Telematics – A Driver’s Day

Fleet management tools are not only beneficial for fleet managers, but they can also improve the working day of your average fleet driver as well. To prove this, we take a look at the working day of two fictional drivers Barry and Paul, one who’s vehicle has telematics and another who doesn’t, to see how they get on.

BARRY 8.15am – I’m in the van and a notification comes in from work straight away to the in-cab navigation device. I’m off to my first job without delay. The route is laid out on the screen for me, so I don’t need to plan where I’m going I can just set off.
PAUL 8.15AM – I’m driving to the depot now to find out where my first job is located. When I get there nobody actually knows where the address is, so we have to get the road maps out and try and find it. Whilst I’m here, I’ll have some breakfast and a chat about the match last night with some of the lads.

B 9.41am – I’m well on my way now. I’ve been driving for over an hour and I’m making good time. I’ve managed to keep my speed down to a safe level. I’m top of the safety table in work, and at the end of the month I’ll get a certificate and some vouchers if I can stay there. Thankfully, the in-cab system lets me know when I’m going over the speed limit.
P 9.41am – We finally work out the route, and I’m on my way. I might make some time up by going a couple of miles over the speed limit.

B 11.30am – Just hearing on the radio that there’s been an accident a bit further on up the road, which is slowing traffic almost to a standstill. Never mind, I’ll just check with the in-cab system and see if I can work out another route. It’s found one that goes a little bit out of the way, but by the time that traffic clears I’ll be back on the right route and heading to the customer.
P 11.30am – Oh no! I’m stuck in a massive traffic jam! Going to be here a while, so I start on my lunch.

B 1.20pm – That diversion has left me running 10 minutes late, but thanks to the vehicle tracking system the office are aware of that and they’ve given the customer a new ETA. That means I can relax and not have to worry about the customer giving me grief when I get there.
P 1.20pm – I’m running 30 minutes late, but the guys in the office don’t know because I can’t ring them to tell them. Oh well, hopefully the customer will understand.

B 2.00pm – I’m at my first drop off and the customer is pleased. On to the next job!
P 2.00pm – I managed to get to the job, but I was really late. The customer wasn’t very happy, and told me that he wouldn’t be using the company again. I better tell the guys back at the office.

B 4.15pm – I’m on my way to the next job, but the schools have let out and the traffic is manic. Luckily the guys in the office have seen that from the in-car system and another driver who is closer to the next pick up destination has been dispatched to that location. I’m reassigned to another customer, who’s not far. I should get to finish nice and early!
P – 4.15pm – Stuck in traffic again. It’s going to be a late one for me.

B 5.00pm – I’m finished for the day, and I use the smartphone app on my company phone to update my mileage. That automatically updates the company’s records so I can just go straight home without having to mess around with paperwork back at the office.
P 5.00pm – I’ve finally finished my pick ups and deliveries but I’ve got to go back to the office because I’ve got a mountain of paperwork to do. There’s also a problem with the van because I’ve been a bit heavy on the brakes and they need fixing. And I have to pass on that customer’s complaint. I’m not going to be very popular back at the office.

B 5.30pm – Now I can enjoy the rest of the evening in the garden!
P 5.30pm – Better call the wife and tell her I’m going to be late. Some birthday!!

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