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Hosted Business Communications Service

Control your Fixed and Mobile Telephony With A Hosted Business Communications System

Manage your telephony with a hosted business communications system. Our service allows you to manage your phone calls and maximise the productivity of your staff.

A hosted communications system is inexpensive, reliable and jargon-free for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Improve your productivity and save time and money with a hosted business communications system.

What are the benefits of a Hosted Business Communications System?

Take Complete Control of Your Phone System

Our hosted phone system comes with a range of call handling and management features, which can be operated through a simple to use web interface.

'One Number Anywhere'

Never miss a phone call again when you integrate your fixed and mobile capabilities. Use just one number to reach your desk or your mobile phone, so when you’re out and about you can answer those important business calls.

No Hidden Costs

Hosted Business Communications Systems are hosted on your behalf, so you only pay for what you need on a simple per-seat basis.

Lower Call Costs

A hosted communications system can benefit from free calls between fixed and mobile devices, and guarantees lower call rates than other phone systems.

Enables Flexible Working

A hosted telephone system lets you take a more flexible approach to your working routine, by allowing you to hot desk, work from home and use your mobile phone as your main phone.

Choice of Numbers

Our hosted communications system allows you to keep your existing numbers, or get new ones, whichever suits you best. You can even extend your business reach using a local number different to that of where you’re located. Have a Leeds number in Liverpool!

The Perfect Continuity Solution

Whatever strikes your business – snow, floods, strikes or roadworks – then a hosted telephone system means you can carry on making and taking calls whatever happens!

How Can I Use A Hosted Business Communications System?

Do you want a flexible business?

Never lose calls again. Have phone calls put through to your mobile, to your home phone or wherever you want, meaning that you can answer that important business call, wherever you are.

Do you have multiple sites?

A hosted business communications system has a centralised location so you don’t need to have a system installed on each site. Calls are free between locations and mobiles.

Do you need a business continuity solution?

Whatever the circumstances your telephone services can be instantly diverted to different locations, without losing any functionality.

Do you want to improve your customer contact?

Using a hosted communications system means that you can put customers on hold, play them marketing messages whilst they wait and transfer calls around the workplace, helping you to give your customers the best experience that you can.

Do you need help with your training?

A hosted phone system allows you to record calls and then use them in your training programmes, helping you monitor how your calls are being handled by your team.

It’s time to broaden your horizons, with a hosted business communications system. To find out more about the telephone systems we can provide, contact us on 01928 715 724.