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We are happy to be a partner of Retell and supply their range of call recording units.

Sense is Re-Tell’s award-winning integrated hardware and software call recording, call reporting and call management solution for companies who need to manage multiple lines and handsets.

Sense Essentials

Our entry-level system records all calls in and out of your organisation, you can search for calls by dialled number, caller’s number, date and time, length of call and any notes you have added to the call before. Hear calls exactly as your customer hears them, even while they’re on hold.

Sense Professional

Sense Professional is our multi-channel Sense call recorder enhanced with search by extension number and rules based recording allowing you to include/exclude certain extensions, users or telephone numbers. A hierarchy allows you to choose who can play which calls and the networking facility means you can play calls back from multiple sites.

Sense Enterprise

The complete call recording system

Sense Enterprise is a unique call recording system with integrated call management. You can record ISDN 30, ISDN 2, Analogue & IP lines or extensions. The system easily records all inbound & outbound calls as well as providing you with comprehensive call analysis and reports. Recordings are delivered in high quality stereo sound. The system even works on all types of PABX.

Use the Call Management system wallboards to discover exactly what is going on in your business and when you find that interesting call, play it back through the same user interface.  A user hierarchy lets you organise who can listen to which calls and the rules based recording means you only record what you need. Multi-site operation means that you can see call activity across sites and replay it centrally, not only that but this fantastic system is fully scalable from two channels upwards.

Mobile Phone Recording

Increasingly instructions, confirmations, orders and important decisions are now relayed remotely and rapidly via mobile handsets, with this freedom there is an element of risk, and until now mobile phone recording has been complicated, unreliable and expensive.

In any organisation where there are compelling reasons to record landline calls and where staff also make similar calls on mobile phones it is logical to record those mobiles. As accountability and risk management become increasingly important regulatory bodies like the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have made it a requirement for many financial services firms to record landline calls. In any case recording mobile devices when your organisation records land-lines makes sense, now it’s available and affordable.

Retell offer the total Mobile phone recording solution:  voice recording, text logging and optional GPS tracking all easily accessed within one secure, web interface.

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