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Oak Accredited Partner | Call Recorders | G-Force CommunicationsWe are happy to be an accredited partner of Oak. Oak have specialised in call monitoring and recording since they were created in 1985. They provide a range of powerful products that integrate together to allow you to record, log monitor and report upon the calls your business handles. G-Force Communications are pleased to offer Oak products to help make your business more efficient and profitable.


recordX is a unified call recording solution that includes fixed line, mobile and VoIP recording in a single solution. recordX is designed to enhance your business by enabling you to deliver the best possible service to your customers.

By recording all telephone orders or discussions, you can quickly confirm back to a customer what was agreed. This enables any disputes to be quickly resolved and for the customer to be retained for future business. It also means the avoidance of time-consuming litigation.

recordX also works alongside your staff to help them develop their customer service skills as well as drive new sales through better telesales techniques.

recordX meets the regulatory requirements defined by the FCA and by other regulatory bodies. It is also updated regularly to ensure that it continues to meet the latest regulations as and when they change.

Users can securely access recordX both locally and remotely and review recordings that their security policy allows.

recordX works with businesses and call centres of any size, as well as multiple sites, to deliver the maximum benefit at the most cost effective price.

recordX is scalable from 4 to 480 ports per system.

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reportX is an advanced call reporting solution for businesses of any size which includes both call logging and intelligent wallboard display.

reportX is designed to manage and improve the use of telecommunications throughout your business by delivering a wide and flexible range of reports that show you exactly what is going on in a format that is easy to understand and tailored to your business.

By introducing reportX, immediate cost savings of up to 15% on calls can be realised as well as the associated savings in staff time on those calls. As a result, reportX can pay for itself within three months.

reportX will quickly highlight further immediate savings that can be made by terminating unused lines, redeploying unused extensions, identifying and eliminating unnecessary and unauthorised private calls.

reportX can increase customer satisfaction by helping you ensure that all calls are answered quickly and directed to the correct department first time.

reportX can help increase sales by ensuring that telesales activity is as effective as possible. More calls can mean more business opportunities and better customer satisfaction.

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displayX is a powerful real time reporting engine as well as a motivational and presentation tool. displayX provides a view of key factors affecting business performance at a glance, all displayed on large plasma screens and individual users’ PCs as required.

displayX builds a bridge between your business and telecoms applications to show you up to the minute information about your performance.

Being able to see what is happening right now in such a visible and dynamic format allows you to identify any problems and rectify them quickly.

displayX is able to handle multiple inputs at the same time, which includes a live feed of call data, XML output from business databases, RSS feeds, web pages, and IPTV and video feeds.

When used in conjunction with Oak’s reportX call logging, displayX creates and updates thousands of telecoms statistics that relate specifically to your business.

Using displayX’s powerful but easy to use layout editor, wallboard content can be designed to meet the exact needs of the business, whether it be for a department or an individual user.

Panels within the wallboard design can be set to change colour when certain limits have been exceeded, bringing critical areas to everyone’s attention instantly, which is when you need to know about them.

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Other Oak Services

Oak offer a range of other services designed to improve the call services of your business.

Please take a look at the range of services described in the following PDFs.


ConnectX finds contact information  about your callers as they ring. Your operators have all the callers contact information at their fingertips before they even answer the call.

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Evolve allows you and your supervisors to manage call waiting list with ease and prioritise which calls get answered first. This software will help reduce your call waiting time and deliver better service for your customers.

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Patient Connect

Patient Connect integrates Oak call recording and contact technology with EMIS technology to give you your patient information with ease.

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Parent Connect

Parent Connect is the communications automation solution for schools. This system makes it easy for schools to keep in contact with their students parent and guardians.

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