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Non-Geographic Numbers

G-Force Communications can provide you with a range Non-Geographic Numbers for your business. These are numbers, typically starting with 08**, that are not attached to any geographic area of the UK.ng-numbers

They have a number of benefits including :-

National Phone Presence

As the number is not associated with any geographic area in the UK, a non-geographic number creates the impression of a UK wide company providing business with a national phone presence.

Number Portability

As NGNs do not reflect any geographic area in the UK they need not change when a business moves offices and in fact can be used to connect with multiple offices or branches. The NGN is simply pointed to the new location. This has ramifications with company literature, signage and customer information, which need not be changed to reflect a new phone number.

Increased Sales

Use of 0800 Freephone numbers demonstrates business self confidence to the potential customer. As the caller does not have to pay for the call and the costs are borne by the business, the number of sales enquiries increases considerably.