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Fraud Monitoring

Fraud MonitoringThink of phone hacking and you probably think of the on going investigations into some of the country’s biggest newspapers. What you may not think of is criminals hacking into the phone systems of businesses to illegally generate revenue.  But this type of hacking is actually the largest source of fraud in the UK and costs UK businesses over £1 billion a year. Once access has been gained to a company’s telecom network, this can be used to illegally route calls, either to international numbers or even to generate revenue from premium rate numbers, all at the expense of the hacked company.

Usually after the companies have closed (often at weekends or bank holidays to help avoid detection) the hackers have gained access to the network and called premium rate (09) and special rate (0871) numbers which they earn revenue from. In some cases this revenue is used to fund organised crime and terrorist activity.

How does Fraud Monitoring work?

Our systems will automatically analyse your call records every day looking for any deviations and if fraud is suspected we will contact you immediately and arrange outbound call barring to stop any further charges being generated. If we are unable to contact you then we will suspend the service until we can confirm that the line is once again secure.