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Please download the Telephony Leaflet to see how we save you money by embracing the latest technology in telecommunications.




Cheaper telephone bills that are easier to pay

G-Force Communications can install or take over your Business Landlines & Broadband to offer reduced call charges, consolidated billing and enhanced customer service unrivalled by Tier 1 providers. As we are a completely independent reseller, no issues of hierarchy or ownership exist in our business so instead of being one customer among millions; you are guaranteed a much more personal service.

Connectivity solutions tailored to meet your needs for the best price

Business Landlines and BroadbandChoose G-Force as your business telephone line provider and benefit not only from industry leading SLAs and improved fault handling, but also from your own account management and customer service teams. Our approach involves an understanding of your business to be able to offer the best and most beneficial calls and lines packages that suit your needs and budget without compromising on quality or reliability.

On top of this, our unique business model also ensures that you can benefit from other products and services alongside your calls and lines at the most competitive pricing; we can then combine all of this onto one, simple monthly bill – with full cost breakdown if required. As a UK leading unified communications provider we can offer your business phone lines as a standard calls and lines package, or add business broadband and internet services to create a complete business connectivity solution.

Our customers benefit from the level of service we provide, including:

  • Direct access to an Account Manager and customer service/faults teams
  • Combined monthly bill along with any additional services
  • Competitive rates for Lines and Calls
  • Your existing lines can easily be transferred
  • We have the same level of access to services and lines as the mainstream providers
  • Itemised billing or tailored to your requirement
  • We offer regular tariff reviews to make sure you are always getting the best rates possible
  • Work closely with you to cause minimum disruption to your business
  • You’ll be able to keep your current number (dependent on current provider)
  • Full range of business grade features: call divert, call waiting, voicemail, anonymous call reject, call barring, withhold number and more.

We work with the best carriers in the UK.

With specialists with over a decade in the industry we have built up some very reputable relationships with the likes of BT Openreach, GAMMA Telecom and much more, to ensure that we can cut across the market to offer you the best and most beneficial call bundles for your business. We may decide to cherry pick solutions from different telecoms providers but you still have the added benefit of receiving one monthly bill from G-Force Elite for super-easy payment.

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