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How To Boost Your Productivity – A TomTom Case Study

Here at G-Force, we all love a Krispy Kreme Doughnut! You probably do too! You might think that a big company like that has never had trouble increasing their productivity. But that’s where you’d be wrong! In fact, TomTom was able to help Krispy Kreme deliver a 20% improvement in their delivery times. Read on to find out how! (more…) read more →

Introducing The New TomTom Bridge

TomTom have released a new product that seamlessly combines TomTom technology with business applications. It promises to improve the efficiency of your fleet. This week, for our blog, we took a look at the Bridge and see why it’s such a cool new piece of kit! (more…) read more →

Keeping Business On The Move – Is Policy Working?

TomTom’s recent Traffic Index found that British commuters spend nine working days a year stuck in traffic. Congestion around the UK’s cities is getting worse, as more and more of us take to the roads. We ask, is the government doing all it can to alleviate traffic within the UK? (more…) read more →

Is Technology Putting The Brakes on Speeding?

Speeding is a real problem for fleet vehicles. Excessive speeding puts strain on brakes, tyres and can result in heavy fines. Not to mention that the chances of causing an accident are greatly increased by going over the speed limit.  But with the right technology, you can ensure that speeding becomes a thing of the past! (more…) read more →

Protect Yourself Against Duty of Care Prosecution

Protecting your staff is the priority whatever business you're in, but if your staff use vehicles on a regular basis then you need to ensure that you are properly protected against Duty of Care prosecution. TomTom Business Solutions can help make sure that you, and also improve the efficiency of your drivers. (more…) read more →

Are You Doing Everything You Can to Keep Drivers Safe?

You might think that by fulfilling your legislative responsibilities for health and safety, you are keeping your drivers safe enough. But your premiums are still going up. The answer is, to adopt a best practice approach, using technology to help your drivers understand the importance of safe driving. (more…) read more →