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G-Force Talks To Business Day-to-Day

Steve talks shop at RedShift Radio We recently spoke to the guys at RedShift Radio about the mobile, tracking and fleet management solutions we provide. We sent Steve Roberts along to speak to Ewan Sturman, to share his expertise and explain why your business should be signing up with G-Force today. As Steve explained in the interview, G-Force provide businesses with a… read more →

NEC Wins 2015 Internet Telephony Product of the Year

As an NEC partner, we were delighted to see they have been awarded Internet Telephony Product of the Year, by the global media company TMC, earlier this month. The awards represent the best technology and communications products in the world, and are considered to be a most prestigious award by those in the industry. (more…) read more →

Driving With and Without Telematics – A Driver’s Day

Fleet management tools are not only beneficial for fleet managers, but they can also improve the working day of your average fleet driver as well. To prove this, we take a look at the working day of two fictional drivers Barry and Paul, one who’s vehicle has telematics and another who doesn’t, to see how they get on. (more…) read more →

Make Your Fleet Greener With TomTom

We’re all in agreement that we need to be a lot more environmentally friendly in everything we do. That includes running a fleet of vehicles. But what areas do you need to look at in order to get the real benefits of “going green” when it comes to fleet management? (more…) read more →

5 Things That You Need To Be Measuring In Your Vehicles

These days, if you’re running a fleet of vehicles you know that you need to get the most out of them for your money. That means keeping on top of how much you’re spending on vehicle repairs, running costs and also how much time is being lost to things like heavy traffic. If you’re not sure what to be measuring,… read more →