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5 Things That You Need To Be Measuring In Your Vehicles

These days, if you’re running a fleet of vehicles you know that you need to get the most out of them for your money. That means keeping on top of how much you’re spending on vehicle repairs, running costs and also how much time is being lost to things like heavy traffic. If you’re not sure what to be measuring, TomTom have come up with a handy list to help you keep track.

Here’s 5 key bits of data that you need to be collecting, if you want to make your fleet run smoothly.


25% of the cost of a vehicle comes from the amount of fuel you put in it. The cost of fuel fluctuates all the time, and some months it can be a very expensive purchase. The speed of the car, the idling time and the driving style of an individual driver can all have an impact on the amount of fuel that a vehicle is using. By installing a fuel-monitoring device, you can see just how much fuel you’re using, and where you need to be improving.


When a car is going 70mph, it is using 15% more fuel than if it was going at 50mph. And when it’s going 80mph, it’s using 25% more fuel than if it was going at 70!! Not only that, but speeding is dangerous and puts your drivers and other road users at risk. Using fleet management technology can help you to see speeding incidents as they happen, and identify the issues that your drivers face.

Heavy Breaking and Steering

By having a more efficient driving style, your drivers could be saving 20% on fuel costs. Poor driving practice, such as heavy breaking, wild steering and the aforementioned speeding, can all have a big impact on your fuel costs. Fleet management technology can allow you to create a performance profile for each of your drivers, and identify the ones who perhaps need a little more training to create the smoother ride.


If you idle your car for just 10 seconds, you’re using more fuel and creating more harmful CO2 emissions than simply restarting the engine would do. A large, heavy-duty truck consumes two litres of fuel per hour. Using fleet management tools can help you see which drivers are idling the most, and whether they are finding themselves in heavy traffic which could be avoided.

The Route

By cutting your journey time, not only are you making your service more efficient you’re making your customers happier! 15% of journey times could be cut with fleet management technology. By using live traffic information, you can see which the busiest routes are, investigate alternatives and formulate driving strategies that help reduce your costs.

These are just a few of the things that can help your business to be more efficient and save you money.

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